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You CAN lose weight: How to Change Your Thinking

There are so many things that I have learned from losing 125lbs, then having a baby, and losing the baby weight quickly and that is that weight loss is as much mental as it is physical. Here's the thing, if you tell yourself you CAN'T do something then you WON'T, it is as simple as that. If you tell yourself you CAN do something, then undoubtedly you will if you have a plan. So let's get to work 💪🏽 on changing your thinking.

Set diet and fitness goals

We need to set some goals and they need to be realistic and achievable. Lose 20lbs in 30 days? It's a goal, but not realistic. The average person can expect to lose 1-2lbs a week, so a better goal might be to lose 10lbs this month or 20lbs in 60-90 days. Don't rush your progress.

We also need to realize that weight loss is composed of many micro-components--nutrition, fitness, sleep, water intake, supplements, etc. So let's take a moment to plan out how we will be successful across these areas as well.

Food is not a reward

We have all done it. "Man, when I lose these 10lbs I'm going to reward myself with ______." As you should, but food should not be a reward. Don't divide food into "bad" and "good". All foods can work into a healthy diet within moderation so there is no reason to deny yourself until you reach said goal and risk binge eating and reversing progress.

Here's five ways to reward yourself that don't include food and actually positively impact your weight loss:

  1. Taking a pay-to-play class at the gym or a local spot (i.e. pole dancing, kick boxing, hip hop step, etc)

  2. A day or evening of self-care (mani-pedi, facial, massage, etc)

  3. Purchasing a new book or course

  4. New fitness wear or gear

It's easy to fall back on old habits even when you're doing well, so having in mind a list like this will keep you motivated and on the right path to success.

Stop eating before you're too full

The reason why weight loss surgery works for those who can qualify for it, is because it not only shrinks the stomach but teaches the mind to observe fullness cues way before the average person.

The average person can imitate these habits by portioning smaller, eating slowly, and stepping away before the hunger cue steps in. Lead your meals with protein, and track calories within a calorie deficit. This will take self-discipline but once you create the right habits, it will come naturally.

Keep moving

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. When they work together, results will happen. If you do one without the other, you can still be successful but results may come slower.

You don't have to work unnaturally at the gym or do things you don't enjoy in order to lose weight. Honestly, I love walking and it has done so much for my weight loss journey. Starting there will help increase stamina, endurance, and help the weight fall off. Further it will motivate you to incorporate other exercises into your routine like the FREE 21-Day Ab Program.

Get a weight-loss journal


Water intake.


What you are eating.

When we don't write things down, especially the food we intake, there are high caloric snacks or drinks that can sneak into our routine and halt progress simply because we don't think about them or don't realize they are exceeding our calorie deficit.

When you write things down you are holding yourself accountable as well as, examining the behaviors that are helping or denying our progress.

Download a FREE meal planning guide here along with my cookbook Healthy Doesn't Mean Boring.


I hope you see the effects that our mental state can have on our physical state. If you create the right habits and channel them to work together, you CAN and WILL lose weight, gain muscle, or meet your other fitness and nutrition goals.

If you have tried these things and not seeing progress, I recommend reaching out to your doctor or nutritionist for additional advice.

Additional resources include my books 📚 Redefining Wellness and Weight Loss, Wellness, and Transition.


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