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Redefining Wellness is a 30 page E-book that details my journey in losing over 124 lbs by undergoing Gastric Sleeve surgery and prioritizing wellness. In this guide, I dive into how I came to the decision to get Gastric Sleeve surgery, the steps I took to prepare myself for the surgery and tips and tricks to help inform your own journey with weight loss surgery.
In this guide, I cover:
How to know if you are ready to consider a weight loss procedure
The financial in's and out's of a weight loss procedure
How to find a repuatble doctor to work with on your journey 
Helpful tips on how to prepare your body 
What to pack for your weight loss procedure
The real deal on the recovery process
Self-esteem and confidence post weight loss
Fitness tips to keep you progressing towards your goal

and so much more**

Redefining Wellness- An E-Book

$29.99 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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