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Virtual Schooling.. 10 Tips to Make it Work

Virtual school can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s 10 tips that we have learned along the way!


  • Every kid needs their own device – avoid the fighting and scrambling for a device by having one for everybody and labeling the device AND the charger with their name.

  • Create a fun, but safe space for learning – this helps everyone be in “work mode” and keeps fun zones, playrooms, and bedrooms sacred.

Dining room transformed…

  • Invest in extra ink or a new printer  – you will need it (the schools won’t tell you this).⁣

  • Take breaks & Stay active – take walks, play catch, yoga, etc.⁣ Active kids work and a perform better.

Yoga Break 

  • Read every single email  ⁣- if you aren’t reading, you will surely miss out on something.

  • Plan out lunches and snacks⁣ – this saves you the time and headache of finding items on the fly!

  • Stick to a flexible schedule⁣ – have set wake up times, but keep the schedule flexible enough to pivot.

  • Communicate with teachers – This is new for them too. They still want to know who you are and create a relationship.

  • Incorporate other learning experiences – visit to zoo  , walk in nature  , books  and things to break up the monotony and incorporate experiential learning

Zoo time!

  • Have fun with it – the kids deserve it!

I would love to hear what other tips you have! Feel free to share in the comments or head to this post on Instagram to continue the conversation with other parents.

We also lead a group on Facebook called From Public School to Homeschool to help you through these transitions!

Happy Virtual Schooling --


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