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The BEST Gym You've Never Been to.. Maybe

Jungle Gym – Tulum Mexico

This attraction caught my eye even before I arrived in Tulum. Jungle Gym attracts tourists and fitness enthusiasts from all over. Maybe it’s the open air, view of the sandy beach, or it’s true to theme jungle atmosphere. If you want to get as fit as a cave (wo)man, then this is the place!

A quick look around and you will see why it’s unlike any gym. Wooden and concrete free weights and bar weights line the walls.

Lifters will LOVVVVEEE this gym

Pulleys and levers are a fun addition and a great workout for arms and legs. The concrete stone slabs in different sizes and weights are sure to present a challenging workout for even the strongest. I’m no fighter but I had a blast punching the bag! I imagined I was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!

The addition of motivational quotes around the walls are a nice touch to help you push through your workout! I really appreciated that there were weights of all sizes, from beginners to heavyweights. I found the 15kg bar to be perfect for lunges and squats. 

So here’s some deets on the establishment.

You can find “Jungle Gym” right in the middle of everything happening downtown on the beach in Tulum. This isn’t a free attraction though. You will need to pay $25USD to get in for a single session or you can purchase a pass for the week or duration of your stay ($100USD)! You can even book a private session for $120USD—Ill definitely plan for this option on my next visit. I think these prices are totally worth it! You don’t get an opportunity to work out in a cool place like this everyday! 

Don’t worry, if you forgot important items for your workout. You can purchase branded items like t-shirts, water bottles, etc at the entrance and rent a locker for your valuables.

Did you forget something?

I totally rate this location a 10/10 for atmosphere, practicality, location, fun, ample “equipment”, and amazing photos! Plus you can grab a cocktail or brunch at any of the beach front restaurants nearby!

It is warm due to the open air and sun, so be sure to wear cool clothes or athletic wear. Also wear shoes you don’t mind getting sand on!

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If you have been to Jungle Gym or Tulum, please share your experiences here!

You can also check out their Insta here and set up your time to visit!


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