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Top 5 Post-COVID Travel Tips

This time last year, we were a month into lockdowns and were already over the virtual happy hours and ZOOM calls. A year later, COVID numbers have gone down, a vaccine is here, and many have either embarked on or are planning spring and summer travel. Since it’s been a while since we all travelled... here’s my top 5 things to remember when planning travel. 1. Purchase flights at least two weeks in advance (they are cheaper AND since SOME airlines are still blocking out the middle seat, that means there are less seats available.) Opt for seats closer to the front for quicker deembarkation. Exit row seats offer more leg room if you’re not traveling business or first class. 2. Order or renew your passport at LEAST 6 weeks in advance of flying. This will save you the rush fee and the anxiety of waiting.

3. Pack light if you can, this will get you in and out of the airports faster. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for your flight. Remember travel size toiletries and extra PPE (masks, sanitizer, wipes, etc). Don’t forget your healthy snacks (some airlines are keeping beverage & snack services to a minimum). Travel pillow optional. 4. Have a plan for getting to and from your next destination. Don’t rely on strangers for info or directions. The concierge at your hotel is a great place to start for transportation, excursions, reservations, and more. 5. Pack your essentials in your carry on. Want to jump right into the fun? I recommend the following in your carry on: a bathing suit, a cover up, sunblock, earphones, and your favorite pair of new shades!

While the full Fit & Fashion launch is still a couple of weeks away, I have pre-released some items that are perfect for your travel plans. Check them out!

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