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Bomb Pop Shot

One of my favorite summer snacks has always been a bomb pop 🇺🇸. It’s just something about hearing the ice cream truck and grabbing one of those red, white, and blue treats!

But you know what’s even better?! A bomb pop shooter spiked with vodka. While I can‘t enjoy one right now 🤰🏽, I figured I would pass on the recipe to you!

Bomb Pop Shots


Smirnoff raspberry Blue Caracao liqueur

Grenadine Tall shot glasses


•Take your tall shot glass and fill the glass 3/4 of the way full with chilled Smirnoff.

•Tip the shot glass towards you and slowly pour in the chilled blue curacao until it turns the bottom 1/3 of the shot blue.

•Allow the color to settle for a moment, and repeat the process with the chilled grenadine.

Serve & Enjoy! It may take you a couple of tries to get the color combo just right but the taste is the same! So keep practicing! (Be safe, don’t drink and drive).

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