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How to Land PAID Brand Deals

So you want to connect with brands?

Congratulations! You are making a very lucrative step into the next part of your influencer journey! The thought of connecting with brands can be scary. Where do I start? What do I say? What if they say no?

I’m here to help! I have created a fail proof script for you to tailor and use as you start connecting with brands. P.S. Here’s just a few brands I’ve worked with: Premier Protein, Quest, Terra Core, FiberOne, Sutera, Whisps, Plated, Freshly, and more!

P.S. Here’s some other brands I have worked with in 2021.

So, now that you know I have created a system that works, it’s time for you to grab your FREE SCRIPT!

This script will tell you exactly what to say in a concise and informative manner that will get results!

Now you may say you need more than just a script to get started and you’re right! If you are looking more for the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN’s along with Do’s and Don’ts and other best practices, then you may be most suited for my Intro To Brands, a full 7 page guide to everything you need to start landing brand deals TODAY!

About Me

I’m Nerissa and I began my personal brand journey after losing over 120 pounds and have since wrote a book about my journey, and built a personal brand on Instagram and TikTok. It only made sense to then start connecting with brands within my niche and monetizing my story. I get a ton of questions about brands and felt it only right to share my knowledge and experience.


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